Daily Archives: May 13, 2012

Oregon zoo!


We walked and jumped on MAX yesterday and took it to the zoo. Great day to be wandering around in the sunshine. Oregon zoo has a great local collection of animals as well as the standard zoo animals.

After that, we took MAX back downtown and went on a wander. Got a beer at Bailey’s Taproom and then went to Tugboat Brewing across the street. Holy cow do we both love Tugboat, it’s so rare to walk into a place and instantly feel comfortable and happy. Really rocks, we ended up here twice last night and it is definitely going to be a regular haunt. I think we undid all of the benefits of walking by having so much beer though.

Ate dinner at Dan and Louis. They’ve been around for 106 years or so. My parents used to eat here! They now have outdoor seating in the alleyway which is really smart. Brian and I shared a taster of oysters on the half shell and now today I’m craving them. Funny that I used to get so mad at my mom when she ordered them (ew, they look gross and why are you wasting all those glorious seashells, no, can’t we take them home, please?) and now I love them.