I’ve seen some super awesome animated movies recently after what felt like a long period where there were only a few here and there. Interesting to me that a bunch of them are out of France or are animated there.

  1. The Secret of Kells. You can find the trailer here on the movie’s website. The animation in this is interesting, with a lot of depth. I will own it for sure – I can’t imagine getting tired of watching it. If you have Netflix, it’s still in the Watch Instantly section so you can watch it anytime (I’ve only seen it 2 and 1/2 times, I swear).
  2. Dragon Hunters. The trailer is on its website and it is also under Watch Instantly on Netflix. The worlds created in here are layered and wonderful and dark. I also loved the variety of dragons in it – really clever. It’s based on a French cartoon that’s been around for a while. The credits are done by the Cure for the television show! I also love that their website has taught me that the French word for Dragon is Dragon. I could look at the backgrounds in this film forever.
  3. Despicable Me. Trailer is on the movie website as well as on apple. Over Christmas, I asked my niece and nephew what movie had been their favorite over the past year, and I hadn’t seen this one. My nephew really liked it so I put it into our movie queue to watch. When it came in the mail, it sat on the counter for a while because I wasn’t so sure I’d like it. It was really well done! There were parts that I really loved.

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