Monthly Archives: December 2010

Winter cooking

I’m in a funny mood today.

When I was growing up, I didn’t eat very much meat. I didn’t (and mostly still don’t) like the texture of it. Fish and seafood was a-ok, but not meat. Or ketchup. Or mustard.

I had to have been a lot of fun to accompany to a McDonald’s. I’d have to special order a cheeseburger with nothing on it except cheese, and it’d take a long time. And they’d inevitably get it wrong. Eventually, I switched to the fish sandwich, no tartar, because they had to make that from scratch and they messed it up less.

When they released the Cheddar Melt, I was very thrilled – there was nothing for them to take off, and so nothing to get wrong! I loved them.

As an adult, I’d never eat at a McDonald’s, and if I did, I’d have to eat their salad or something because I’m super picky about meat and fish quality (it needs to have some).

Tonight, I found myself in the mood for a Cheddar Melt. So I’m making one. I couldn’t find Rye hamburger buns, so I made them myself. They are cooling on the cooling rack, waiting to be toasted later. I figured out how they did the onions (teriyaki sauce, who knew?) and I’ll start those in a bit.

I looked around for the cheddar sauce recipe, and found a lot of dreck out there, so I’m going to make my own with a roux and some milk. The meat is from Eastern Oregon ranchers and purposefully a little less lean than I normally get.

I’ll let you know if it turns out! I’m so excited. I’m having a Hopworks IPA with it, french fries and a green salad.


Slightly contrary

Snow at our house in Madison, Wisconsin.

I’m feeling slightly contrary, I guess. After spending a week in Wisconsin, where the weather was actually warm for this time of year, and looking at all the snow, I am very happy to leave the dry weather for the lovely mist of Portland.

However, I find myself really wanting to go play in the snow today. My sister even has a snow hill I could have used at any point! SIGH. I can definitely drive to Mt Hood, or even the Gorge, to play in the snow, but I think it’s funny that I ignored it until I couldn’t have it.

Hope December is going swimmingly for you. I’ve been out of contact on almost all media, but am going to try to start working on a number of things, including writing on here more again.