From whence I sprang

A really great quote from my great-great-great-grandfather, who moved to Oregon in 1834:

I don’t owe a dollar and I still have four bits in my pocket. I have never sued a man in my life nor have been sued. I have never been arrested – but that ain’t saying I came pretty near it once. A man called me a damn liar, so I knocked him down and when he got up I took after him with a pitchfork; but he outran me. For 50 yards I kept almost near enough to stick the tines into him, but when he looked around and saw how close I was he let out another link and got away. He complained to Judge Boise. I asked for a jury. They cleared me, but one of the jurymen thought I ought to have speeded up a little and stuck him with my hay fork.

— Joseph Yates

My family is awesome.

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