A few things I want to remember

Driving along the Gorge

Driving along the Gorge

I will take a few minutes to write about the Merners visiting and IronMan Coeur d’Alene and how Wilma is, but having only a few minutes, I wanted to type up a few things before I forgot them again. Some probably of interest to you, and some not so much.

First the “not so much for most people” – Wilma remembers hanging out with Corwin and his sister Agnes. Corwin was a well-dressed man, but often quiet as he had a stutter. Neat to hear about him, as one of my very favorite collected pictures is of him.

Moving on.

I grew up going to Coeur d’Alene to visit family. In the summer, when we were kids, Bill would take us to Hayden Lake where we would swim in its icy waters (but soooo clear! And felt good on a hot summer day). Gretchen and I would swim out to the landing, where I’d regale her with stories of the whale shark, largest shark in the whole world, which was fresh water. She’d be out of the water so quickly Bill would swear she ran over the top of it. I was a mean older sister, if Gretchen hasn’t told you that yet.

Wilma mentioned this last time but I forgot to write it down so that I remembered it – she said that no one knows how deep Hayden Lake is. Neat!

And also on the interesting end of things – she said the natives in the area, the Schitsu’umsh (also known as the Coeurs d’Alene people for which the area is named) would not go near Hayden Lake. They stayed close to Coeur d’Alene where they fished and hunted, and other areas around there, but they would not go near the lake in Hayden. I can’t find any internet information on this, but I think it’s really fascinating and I will need to look into this more.

Off to accomplish stuff, have a beautiful summer day.

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