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Do you know Ed Emberly? Did you grow up with him as I did? When I was a kid, I had so many of his books, and it was my secret ambition to do a drawing that incorporated all of the cool elements from his Make a World book.

So if you don’t know him, check out his books from the library or even just page through them when you are at a bookstore.

short boring update

Yeah, quiet again, I know. I’ve been sick so often this winter, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. Woke up Friday with a bit of a scratchy throat and by Saturday was full-blown sick. I don’t have time for that right now! I have a C++ midterm! With associated 300 pages of reading!!

I’m disappointed in this weekend too because it’s beautiful outside and I’d hoped to clean up the yard from winter. I need to get out there to chop back the roses soon! This week no matter what! They are completely out of control. I also want to get my container garden cleaned up so I can start planting things to eat!

I’m also finding a certain irony in matters – I started really exercising this week and made really good progress. I was really proud of myself, and oddly looking forward to working out this weekend. I’m watching what I eat and lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks, so I was really motivated to keep going. Alas, the weekend has been spent almost entirely in bed, hacking and coughing and aching. Bleah. I need to identify why I keep getting sick so that I can correct whatever issue it is!

So hopefully I will return with a more interesting, healthier post soon! Back to coding stacks and queues…

Bowling on SE Powell

Bowling on SE Powell

This weekend: Bowling at Powell Bowling Lanes. It was fun, although on Saturday night, they bowl in waves, and we missed the first wave. Not a problem, we sat in the bar and drank a pitcher of Widmer’s and waited for 9:30 to tick around. It’s biggest advantage is that it is across the street from Hopworks, so we met our friend Laurie there for dinner first, yum!

Still, all things told, I still want to try Hollywood bowl. We always seem to end up there on league night but it looks like a really awesome bowling alley (plus it’s walking distance!).

Other than that, I’m getting edgy with the end of winter. I am glad that I am finally seeing flowers coming up in my yard (mostly purple so far). I really am feeling cooped up (and staying in to study is probably not helping that). I’m going to try to get a hike in this week, maybe just Forest Park.