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Last night we went to Kelly’s Olympian. You have to love Portland – Kelly’s is the 3rd oldest continuously running bar in Portland at 107 years old. Heh. Anyone know what the first two are? I’m assuming Jake’s is one of them.

Anyhow, I haven’t been to Kelly’s in a good long while, and I was jealous that Brian got lunch at Ping and then hung out at Bridgeport to work for a while, so we wandered over to Kelly’s after upgrading our iPhones (let me tell you again how worthless an iPhone is when the touch screen stops working). We had a few pints and ended up getting some dinner, which is what I wanted to tell you. On the happy hour menu, they have mac-and-cheese bites for $3! Which is $4 off. I am going to have to avoid them from this point out – they fall into the category of something that is good enough that I know I’m eating something bad. It’s mac-and-cheese which is then shaped into a triangle, battered and fried. O my. So good.

Brian pointed out that a number of the scary things you hear about or are posted to the “why you are fat” websites originate in Portland: maple bacon bars, foie gras doughnuts, totchos. I’m adding mac-and-cheese bites to the list. Also, I am only going to eat lettuce today in penance. I took pictures of Kellys, and got a few cool shots with my iPhone, but when I sync’d it up, they were overwritten, so I’ll post some another time.

Edited to say: Googled it and Huber’s Cafe is the oldest bar in Portland. They’ve been in business since 1879!

Now who’s second? Edited one more time: Jake’s lists its age as 110, so there you go. So I’ve only not been to Huber’s, something I will remedy soon.

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