Yikes, it’s been a while

I know I’ve been neglecting this, I definitely go through times I feel like writing and sharing stuff to not at all.

Last night we went to Doug Fir to see Tango Alpha Tango (Oh Darling opened). It was a good show! My favorite bartender at DF was there, she’s really awesome. That always makes the night go well. T.A.T. didn’t play until around 11:30, and they were taping a video. Fun stuff – I want to know who their guest musicians were, he introduced the singer as his neighbor, but if he said her name, I didn’t catch it. Gorgeous voice, they did a Fleetwood Mac cover.

Let’s see, other news. I’m waiting for one of my closest friends to have her first child and am trying really not to bug her (“any news yet? where’s your son?”). Two other friends are celebrating their marriage today in Madison, and I wish I could be there to cheer them on (they married last year and this is the reception).

I also decided to go back to school full time to get a BS in CS to match my BA. So I’m going to be all about some C++ for a while – it will be strange to work in C++ as it’s somewhat similar to Java but different enough I’m going to have to concentrate. I’ve been studying math like mad for the last few weeks. I haven’t studied math in about 14 years, yikes! I am glad I am doing that too after meeting with the Comp Sci adviser – she told me their Calculus class has a 50% fail rate, and I need three semesters of it. I’m going to be living in the math tutors center, so if you ever need to find me…heh.

It will be great too – I can catch the bus a few blocks from my house and then presto 30 minutes later I’ll be dropped off on campus. I’m trying to think of knitting projects to work on for the commute, assuming I can find a seat on the bus.

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  1. Heather Post author

    Also, two things I think are interesting:

    1. Why does the Student Health Services share a wall with McDonald’s? Doesn’t anyone else think that’s very odd?

    2. Things have changed since I was a student last. My ID is a credit card, yikes!

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