Surprise out-of-town guests for lunch

Whew, lots to write about and little time. Just a quick note to say that if you are a GL alum, I just had a surprise email from Dan Clarke to say he was in Portland. After a quick phone call, I was outside on the sidewalk at Jake’s eating lunch with him and his awesome wife Marianne. Their son lives in Seattle, and he has an aunt and uncle in Medford, OR, so they were heading back from visiting them.

A nice surprise, although I’m feeling slight lethargic after a caesar salad topped with freshly blackened salmon (mmmm) and a Ponzi pinot gris. Feeling a little spoiled today and great to see them!

3 thoughts on “Surprise out-of-town guests for lunch

  1. Becky (Myton) Caruso

    That is a nice surprise! I ran into Dan a few years back at Home Depot when he and Marianne were getting remodeling supplies, and he had just retired from GL. I think she had retired from the French Department, or was about to. Wow, where did the last decade go?!

    Thanks for the reminder, I was thinking about him recently and wondered what was new!


  2. Heather Post author

    They were asking about you, too – we were talking about how my website got its name!

    They seem very happy. Marianne was saying she wants to retire, so I don’t think she has yet. Their son and his fiancee live in Seattle, so hopefully I’ll get to say hello to them again.

    How are you doing, Becky?


  3. Becky

    Sorry I missed your reply, I forgot to check back right away!

    That’s fantastic to have reasons to keep coming back and, with the kids rooted Dan and Marianne can visit at only the best times of year! I hope Marianne can retire when she chooses. My dad was quite happy to consult for a few years after his retirement age because he wanted to stay busy. Of course, that’s what volunteering is for too ;)

    This summer, I’ve been teaching myself more about programming and life, and focusing on keeping my spirits up while I find a new job. I’m a recession statistic right now, which has given me a lot more time to think about myself as a person of value than I ever could at my last company. It’s an interesting challenge, as distilled in a networking conversation yesterday with someone who specializes in asking thoughtful questions: “Who are you, what makes you different from all the other people I could hire, and why should I care?!” So the trick will be to stay grounded in skills I know and can do well (not turn myself into career vaporware :)) but the process of understanding how I would love to spend my time instead of simply what I have been paid to do before is bringing up new ideas and options. So that is a positive result of the situation and actually I hope to nurture this perspective even after I get out of the “unemployment dog pound”; right now I understand why pound puppies try so hard to be irresistible when you’re walking past the cage! :}

    Other than that, I’m taking time for walks again and trying out new recipes, without completely succumbing to comfort foods. But, on a cold rainy day like today, homemade cranberry bread would be awesome! :) Mmmm, cranberries…only two more months until the cranberry festival in Warrens. And I’ve probably got time to go this year!


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