Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

Sunroom flower view

Sunroom flower view

Anyone know what these flowers are? You can see the picture larger if you click on it. They are bushes over two stories tall and have been blooming for weeks. It’s what I see out of one of our second-story bedroom windows, and I have no idea what they are. I call them “Painting the Roses Red” because they remind me of the scene in Alice in Wonderland (the Disney animated version) where the gardeners are desperately trying to paint the roses before the Queen notices.

I was practically attacked at New Seasons today (our grocery store). I was browsing in the wine section, which I like to do to see what’s on sale, what’s new, that sort of thing, and this woman suddenly swooped in next to me and said: “I don’t know what your price point is, but you have to get this. It is. The. Best. Wine. It’s awesome. Anyone who tries it loves it.”

Well, that’s a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one, and it was about the same price as a bottle of Erath, so I kinda had to get it, right? I’ll report back with the name if it is as good as she says. It’s a blend, and I’ve only vaguely heard of three of the grapes.

It’s super beautiful today – finally, spring. We weeded the front yard and mowed. I continued an ongoing battle with a holly bush that had invaded a flower tree hedge. Do you remember the scary rosemary bush at the place we rented last year? Holly is the new rosemary. I don’t mind the holly hedges we have under the sunroom windows, but it seems to travel to other places, and I’m determined to contain it.

Brian eventually went and got a crowbar and hauled it out of the ground for me. One of the trunks was almost 2 inches! The flower trees are going to be much happier I think, now that they aren’t being strangled.

In other news, I’ve decided that Dr. Pink is the neighbor with the hot pink sunglasses. Makes sense – he’s not the Hunter S. Thompson looking one, he’s the shaved head one. I’m still leaning towards the theory that he’s a DJ. There seem to be a lot of cute punk girls who hang around that house, so he seems to get some attention. Did I mention that Brian went over to introduce himself on Thursday night? Heh. The Bye-and-Bye may have been visited previous to this. *snicker* That’s all I’ll say.