Organ Grinder

This won’t mean anything to someone who didn’t live in the Portland area in the 70s and 80s, but today when I was driving down 82nd, I realized that the Asian restaurant Super King is in the old Organ Grinder building. They took down the awesome front entrance I remember but it’s the same building, and still stands out as interesting. I will need to go get pictures. I probably have pictures from when it was the Organ Grinder.

Here’s a good page with pictures of it back in the day. They had great pizza, and I remember being there with my mom and my sister. I have no idea why we’d go there, but I remember loving the huge pipe organ. It’s one of those memories that are so strong that I could have drawn a picture of the inside without seeing those pictures.

I’m curious to go to Super King and just check out the inside of it.

2 thoughts on “Organ Grinder

  1. Steve Linscome

    Thanks for posting that commercial video clip. I have been away from the Portland(as well as NW) area for quite some time. I was wondering if Organ Grinder was still around. I just came across a postcard I have of the place. I used to visit there while I was going to college in the 70’s at Northwest Christian College in Eugene. I remember too how great the pizza was. And seeing old time movies like the silent ones and also of the Rascals. And then the organ music… that was great. And also the monkey(mechanical) that the organ player would bop on the head and its eyes would bug out. Sorry to hear it is no longer there, how sad.

  2. Heather Post author

    It was a good place – I didn’t know that there were others of them in different cities until I wrote this post. I still have to wander out to 82nd to take a picture of Super King to show how the building has changed!

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