Will write more later

Too tired to write right now – just dropped Tim off at the airport. We got up early and went to Fuller’s downtown for a classic breakfast. It was lovely. And then we took a long walk around downtown, drove him to the airport and here we are.

We went to bed pretty late after seeing Jason Webley at the Edgefield. Really, really recommend him – he’s going to be in Madison in March or April, would be definitely worth going to see. I’ll try to write more about that later too.

While Tim was here, we made sushi, tempura shrimp and veggies, and crab rangoon wontons. Oh! And they made huckleberry pancakes on the grill. Between that and eating out A LOT, I am going to only eat salads for the next week while hiking several hours per day.

Jon had a great observation when we were out and about in Portland. He said that one thing he really notices here is that people are comfortable with who they are. I think I remember thinking about that a bit when we first moved here, but now I kinda take it for granted. I am glad he came for a visit – Jon is one of those people you can always depend on for really nicely said, well thought-out observations.

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