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I’ve not been posting due to being too busy to be on the computer.

Yesterday, I had totchos for the first time. They are exactly as bad and as good as you’d think they’d be (tator tots + nachos). Katie and I had ’em with a beer at Blitz after wandering a completely packed Powell’s yesterday afternoon.

Bridge at Multnomah Falls
Trail and bridge at Multnomah Falls in winter

Multnomah Falls is pretty in winter. It had thawed out since the big December storm, but there still was a lot of snow on the ground. On the way there, Carrie, Todd and I had grand ambitions about hiking to the top of the falls (not having any IronPeople along made it seem plausible), but on arriving and seeing the snow, we shortened it to just to the bridge.

Which probably should have been just to the landing. Turns out that all the snow was on the trails, and our shoes had not been chosen for maximum traction. We hiked up to the first turn on snow that was flat and glassy from other crazy people, and barely made it around the first turn by the wall.

Carrie on trail going up
Carrie on trail up to Multnomah Falls before the first turn.

Somehow, that didn’t dissuade us either, and we kept hiking to the wood bridge. At which point things got considerably dicier.

The trail disappeared altogether under much snow, and very quickly the mini-fence was below our feet by several feet because we were hiking on so much snow. So I began to clutch the rock/snow fence above our heads, because one slip, one misstep meant a 50 or 70 foot drop down a cliff.

Multnomah Falls in winter
Multnomah Falls in winter – note the secondary falls next to it too!

Todd said it is the second most dangerous thing he’s done in life (no, I didn’t ask him what the first one was, I figured if he’d wanted to share, he would have).

When we finally made it back to the first landing, we agreed that winter Multnomah Falls hiking should be on no one’s list – it’s worth driving to and looking at, but not hiking up. Ulp.

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