Dear lord it is snowing in Portland. From what the news says, it’s also approaching the coldest it’s been in over a decade. The snow is notable enough for Portland that I am blogging it so that I remember it – there was no snow last year other than one Saturday when I noticed some flakes in the air (but nothing on the ground, it melted when it hit).

This, however, is sticking, and providing much consternation for drivers. They aren’t letting people on the highways without chains or traction tires (neither of which I own yet, but chains are in my future so we can take Carrie and Todd up Mt Hood potentially in a few weeks).

We’ve seen cars in front of our house (on NE Fremont St) doing accidental doughnuts, and Brian was very amused to see one poor guy in a gold BMW who clearly had no idea what to do. He kept spinning in circles, and then ending up in oncoming traffic pointing the wrong way. So then he’d tromp on the gas, spin in circles and slide into the other traffic, pointing the wrong way. He must have eventually figured something out because he’s not trapped in front of our house spinning in circles, so hopefully he had the sense to realize he can’t drive in snow (really, this guy couldn’t) and pulled over to have someone come and get him. Heh. And even though I know that’s probably not the case, it’s amusing me nonetheless.

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  1. Mindy

    Yes, it’s snowing and it’s COLD! It actually did snow more last year, but I think you were in WI at the time.

    I think the one thing you may have to get used to (again) about snow in Oregon is how completely inept we natives are at dealing with it. I’m not complaining–I think a snowfall is a PERFECT reason for the world to come to a screeching halt, but people from more snow-prone climates do think we are wimps (but we are proud wimps! :-D)

    By the way, my mom says hi!

  2. Heather Post author

    O, I know, I remember from growing up here :) Remember trying to slide down my driveway on a saucer, and there wasn’t even enough snow to cover the driveway properly?

    It’s funny because Wisconsin is at the other extreme – we’d be expecting eight inches of snow over a layer of ice and you would be expected to be at work on time and not to leave early. Or it would be -35 with wind chill and classes wouldn’t be canceled! Drove me up a wall.

    Please say hello to your mom for me! And also your dad!

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