Have any of you taken the GRE recently? I’m thinking about taking it in February, but it’s been at least 14 years since my last math class, and I’m wondering if that’s enough time to get back up to speed. I’ll need to have at least okay scores in the math section.

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  1. Mindy

    If the GRE does not have an essay section, you really shouldn’t need to study unless your math is a little dusty. You can also get some of those logic puzzle books to practice for the third section (the “logic” section..I can’t remember exactly what it was called…) Those are actually a far better study guide than the actual study guides.

    I took the GRE in college–didn’t study and did remarkably well. It’s like a slightly tougher SAT. Good luck!

  2. Katie P.

    Bought the following titles for an ex when he took the GRE, and he only missed one question, so he thought they were pretty good study guides:

    Kaplan Gre Exam Verbal Workbook 3RD Edition
    Crash Course for the GRE, Second Edition
    Barrons Pass Key To the Gre Test 4TH Edition
    Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE, GMAT, & SAT

  3. Heather Post author

    Awesome, thank you so much you two!

    The GRE has two essays, a verbal section and a quantitative section. Thank you for the advice and encouragement.

    I’ve picked up a book, have several more coming through the library to check out and I’m starting to study. Here goes nothing!

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