Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

An essay on appliances and grocery stores

I still need to write about all the awesomeness of last weekend (paid for on Sunday, oops) when we went to Mortified and to some friends’ party, but I’m just going to write for a few minutes about today.

We have to replace our oven / stove as I mentioned earlier, so we went to several appliance stores to begin research. I think we are going to upgrade to a gas stove, which I’m very excited about doing. The only real question is whether to get a dual one or not (i.e., electric convection oven with a gas range).

Arguments for a dual one are that I have a minor tenancy (which is a major one in Brian’s mind) of occasionally lighting things on fire when I bake in a gas oven. Well, really, it was just the garlic bread incident. I guess Brian thinks once is enough, heh. And Brian’s mom was very badly burned once when she was baking and there was a gas leak problem with the oven that exploded when she opened the oven door, permanently burning her legs and knocking her out of commission for quite a while. We’ll see.

I didn’t realize how much you have to consider with these things. I thought it boiled down to electric vs. gas. Huh.

The fun part of the day is when we went to Fubonn, which has been on my list for a while. I’m not sure why Brian agreed to it – his theory with grocery shopping is in-and-out as quickly as possible, while mine is more exploratory. I get cooking ideas that way. However, even he was won over by the happiness that is shopping at Fubonn! Fubonn is an asian market that has really lovely vegetables, sauces, fish, meat, snacks, and cooking equipment.

We explored every aisle, talking about every dish we could make when we have a stove again. We bought a good number of things, some of which we don’t actually entirely know what they are (but they look good)! I can’t wait to go back again, and I am going to definitely give things from here to our nieces and nephew for Christmas. I told Brian if we ever get Amanda here, she will never, ever leave Portland (which would be very fine by me). Fubonn is one of the reasons I need to live in a city and not a small town. Without a doubt.

After all that, we went to Wong King’s Seafood for lunch. I had been there for dim sum a few weeks ago with friends, and want to take Brian to try it. This time we were too late for dim sum (3 p.m. is such a weird time to go out for food, but we had a late breakfast and no lunch). We were the only ones there in the stillness between dim sum and dinner. Great food all together, this is definitely our favorite Chinese restaurant in Portland.

82nd is such a great cluster of Asian restaurants and stores.

We still have to find our favorite Chinese-American (yeah, I know, but I crave it sometimes) in Portland so if you have any suggestions, they’d be gratefully received. I’m kinda going restaurant by restaurant, but there are some pretty lousy ones here, and I seem to be finding them. I think the next one we are planning on trying is Chin’s Kitchen on the basis of its great sign and its location near us.

Alright, I was also going to type up the horror (and I mean the Horror) that happened when we were putting the groceries in my trunk, but I’ve already typed for way too long. How exciting is all this? Appliance comparisons! Grocery store reviews! Heh.