Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

Avoiding cleaning

I don’t have anything particularly miraculous to say, but I’m trying to avoid cleaning. I will get up and do it in a few minutes, but heh, don’t feel like it.

Snowing in Madison, today and tomorrow. Here, I am going to go into our backyard to cut some flowers for a small dinner party we are throwing tonight. I’m pretty gleeful about it too. And Mt Hood is snow covered again, so should I want snow? I can get to it really fast, hit Brian with a snowball and be home again to smell flowers. I’m pretty pleased by that.

Talked to some people at my local grocery store, New Seasons, and the woman packing my bags and one of the managers were telling me about the trip they were taking next week to the coast. One of the women mentioned they were taking a friend who had never seen the Oregon coast. She looked completely happy and full of anticipation, really excited to show the coast to someone who hadn’t seen it.

I sympathize with her entirely – when people come to visit us out here, I can hardly wait to show them the coast. When I was an angst-filled teenager, I’d stay up very late (o, two, three in the morning) stressing about things and reading. The only consistent way I could get to sleep was to close my eyes and focus on the Oregon coast. I’d picture the waves and the sand, and the wind. I could always tell how angry or stressed I was by how torn up the sand was – if it was pretty smooth, I’d go straight to sleep. If it was jumbled about, I’d picture storm waves crash and smoothing it out. It’s nice to be around people who understand how important the wild parts of the Oregon coast are.

Tomorrow night, we are having a birthday party for my friend Katie. It’ll be our first party in our new house (yeah, I know there’s some of you out there that are surprised it’s taken so long, heh). It’s making me think of all the birthday parties I’ve thrown for myself and for other people. Ellen, remember the cocktail party we had that went until 5 a.m., where the party broke into a dance party, and we danced the light out of our downstairs apartment? Or the birthday party in Madison where we had Mo’s Clam Chowder flown in from Oregon to surprise Brian for his 30th? Still the only surprise that’s been successful for that man.

Alright, I’ll go find a broom….