Daily Archives: October 14, 2008

Bored and boring

Sorry for being quiet. Brian went to Wisconsin to chop six cords of wood for his father’s house to heat it for the winter, and brought back a really bad cold for both of us. It was a struggle to do more than lay on the couch and sleep, so all the unpacking went by the wayside, as did doing anything interesting at all. I finally seem to have kicked it, only to hurt my back. ARGH. I’m babying it today, but that’s it, I’m too house-bound right now and need to have an adventure!

It’s fall here, and very beautiful. We’ve been taking walks in our new neighborhood and exploring. Pretty cool to be able to walk to even more place than before.

Nearly done with unpacking – I know, I know, I keep saying that but man, the last few things seem to take forever (not to mention that they are the last things because I’m not quite sure where they go).

Have been scrambling with a bit of freelance too, so I haven’t been out anywhere to do much. We had the first fire of the season, and man, that wood we stored all year really burns beautifully and smells so good.

I already like Groundwork Organics more than our last farmshare, they sent out an email on Monday listing what they expected to put in the box, which is helpful for grocery shopping (otherwise you buy a bunch of fruit at the grocery store and then pick up your box and it’s all fruit). Yay! Our first box starts this week, can’t wait to think up ideas for meals and find a new home of the beets. Any takers?

Have a few things going on this weekend so hopefully will be more interesting.