Wandering the farmers’ market

Squash blossoms at the PSU farmers\' market
Squash blossoms at the PSU farmers’ market

Great morning at the PSU farmers’ market, even though my walnut lady wasn’t there, and the eggs had sold out by the time we got there (late).

We didn’t have to pay for parking because someone had attached an unexpired parking ticket to the parking ticket machine, so we used that. When we left, there was still an hour and a half left on the ticket so I reattached it for the next person to use.

We bought Dave’s Killer bread (rye this time), green shallots, green onions, jalepenos, portabella mushrooms and carrots.

I was delighted to find a huge bag of local dried shitake mushrooms, which I use a lot. I’ve been mailing them back from Madison because the grocery stores around here have non-local ones (some of them are even from China, bleah). I got a huge $20 bag that should last me for a year or so, and I won’t have to be careful about how many times I make miso soup.

After we finished shopping, we got lunch in the middle of the market – Brian got Pinestate biscuits and gravy (he went for the mushroom gravy) and I got a lovely almond croissant from Gabriel’s bakery. We got a seat next to the balloon guy and watched all the tiny kids come up to him and ask for wings and elephants. Very entertaining lunch.

Brian ended up being envious of the croissant so we circled back to grab another one for him on our way out. I was still hopeful for eggs, so we walked through the middle aisle one last time, and I spotted a vendor selling veggie spring rolls for $1.

I said when I woke up that I was really in the mood for greasy American-Chinese food, so it was perfect. While it was frying, we were entertained by this great bluegrass duo who had a mandolin and a banjo. They were great to listen to (their voices harmonized perfectly with their instruments) and there was a little two year old kid dancing enthusiastically in front of them. The mandolin player started dancing with the little boy, which was completely great. After a while, the kid lost interest, and Brian hypothesized that the kid ran back to his father and said “Dad, these bearded bluegrass twenty-somethings are trying to dance with me!” as if it was the most terrifying thing in the world. Hee.

The top three farmers’ markets in the U.S. are Madison, San Francisco and Portland, and when we first moved here, I desperately missed the Madison one. The PSU market is smaller, but it is in many ways more charming, and as I get to know my farmers here, it has definitely tied the Madison market.

We signed up for a fall CSA that we have to pick up on Saturdays at the PSU farmers’ market, so I’m committed to going to it for the rest of the year, something that pleases me to no end. I’m glad I’ll have the motivation to head downtown to the market each week, and we’re already planning our next lunch there next week.

What a great way to start a weekend. And yeah, I know I tend to go on about farmers and farmers’ markets way too much, I just deeply appreciate having that in my life.

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