Zucchinis at the PSU farmers’ market.

I just found a blog based on the meals created by using up the food in the CSA box from my former (and sorely missed) farmer Harmony Valley (Richard, do you think you could move to Oregon, please?). I love the idea. One of the best things about being a CSA member is creatively coming up with recipes to use up everything in your box before it goes bad. It is always a scramble to get through even just the items you love, much less incorporating the ones you dislike.

I’ve not been happy with our current CSA, which is wrapping up. Many of the items have been damaged or old by the time they’ve come to us. A number of them have tasted worse than what I’d get in the grocery store. For a while, Brian and I were calling it the lettuce & cucumber share, which is super problematic (while I like greens and herb mixes, I hate lettuce, and am quickly bored by cucumbers). There have been entire weeks where I haven’t been excited by even one vegetable in the bag I’m getting from the CSA. But it was cheap, and you have to start somewhere to find a CSA you like.

Our new farmshare starts in October. We are doing a fall CSA to try out our favorite farmers at the PSU farmers’ market, Groundwork Organics. Can’t wait to start it, and it makes me go to the farmers’ market for the rest of the year which is awesome. I’m thinking that I’ll start posting things on here as I use up the box from them – it’ll motivate me to improve my plating, which is definitely my weakest aspect of cooking (and if I had to choose between plating and taste, I’d still choose taste).

Still no camera cord or battery in sight, so I’ve been pretty quiet. Back to unpacking / looking for the cord.

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  1. Josh

    Hey! We used to subscribe to Harmony Valley, too, and then we moved to Portland last year. And we subscribed to Groundworks this summer and it went reasonably well–not perfect (but I don’t remember perfection from H.V., either). We signed up for the Fall share as well. We also like getting their stuff at the farmer’s market (including the sunday market in the Montavilla neighborhood in Portland), and as subscribers we get a discount.

    A couple of things we miss about the H.V. are the occasional big-quantity seasonal deliveries (like tomatoes at the end of the summer, potatoes in the fall, etc)., the “share” bin (which had scads of basil week after week) the farm visit events.

    Good luck w/ the fall share–will be interested to compare notes.

  2. Heather Post author

    Too funny! Where’d you move from that you had Harmony Valley? Welcome to Portland too :)

    Good to know you’ve liked Groundworks. Like I wrote, it’s our first stop at the PSU farmers’ market, so I have high hopes we’ll like it much more than the one we did this summer. I can’t wait for it to start in two weeks.

    The H.V. share bin was wonderful, it seemed to balance things out nicely. I put as much in as I took out, and often thought I had opposite tastes from the other people at our pick-up site.

    I can often talk myself into being lazy on a Saturday morning, especially if we’ve gone out the night before, so it will be great to have to go to the farmers’ market whether I’m feeling lazy or not.

    The blog I mentioned in my post, by the way, is A Good Appetite. I’ve been combing through it looking for ideas on how to eat beets, which are a hated item in our household.

    Good luck with the farmshare! Let me know if you find some good ways of using up stuff!

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