Food and beer, beer and food.

Brian at Kenny and Zukes
Brian at Kenny & Zuke’s.

Let’s see…posting a picture from last week. Brian and I had a weird day where I needed to get something signed by a notary, and the notary we use was out for a while so we went and tried lunch at Kenny & Zuke’s, which has been on our list pretty much since it opened. It’s a deli a block from Powell’s. It definitely lives up to all the positive reviews I’ve heard, the food was yummmmmmy. Brian got their rueben, I got the grilled cheese. So good I wasn’t even able to identify the cheese, it just all came together as amazing. Great fries too. I’m not sure that I’d be able to bring my vegetarian friends there on a regular basis, but man, it’s a deli, which is all about the meat, so that’s not a slight against it! Besides, you have to love a place that has 12 different root beers.

Friday I met up with Laurie and Cindy at the Tin Shed. Laurie and I aren’t certain when the last time that we saw each other, but we are guessing about 30 years or so. Laurie and Cindy used to babysit me when I was a kid, and my dad used to tutor them in math. They had really sweet things to say about him, and you know me, I try to absorb anyone’s memories of my dad so that I get to feel that I knew him (he died at the age of 34 when I was a little kid). Really wild to see them – Laurie still looks like herself, and Cindy looks like herself too, but different somehow. It’s funny because the picture of them I have in my head is probably from when they were 17 or so, it’s like holding up a picture from a yearbook next to someone. We had a blast, and I hope we get to hang out some more (Laurie just moved back to Portland from Seattle at the same time I moved into town). We seem to have a lot in common.

They had mentioned Hopworks, which reminded Brian and I that we wanted to go try their restaurant, having only had their beer (and loved it – organic IPA, organic anything beer, yummmmmm). The restaurant rocked – the website had a way of putting in where you were coming from and generating the best bike path to get to them. We had their pizza and it was awesome. I had the pale and Brian had the IPA and then we gave up and got a taster’s tray so that we could sample everything. It’s rare that I get those and like every single beer, but I did this time. Super impressive, and they are green and sustainable and every good adjective I can heap on them. The inside of the pub was comfortable and has a pool table, and this is definitely going to quickly become a favorite hangout. We bought a growler right away to take home with us, bring our growler collection up to three now.

So much for giving up beer, huh? I’ll try harder next week. I kinda over did it with wine when our neighbors were over so I needed a break from it, so to speak.

All good otherwise, the Sold sign went up on our house Saturday, I’m so excited and happy to see it!

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