Daily Archives: August 17, 2008

We have a mailslot in our kitchen, doesn’t everyone?

Mailslot in our kitchen. Sob.
Our landlady, as most of you know, has taken it in her head to turn the bungalow we have been living in into a duplex. So now, instead of having three floors of living space, we now have 1 1/2, as well as a downstairs neighbor named Ross.

As part of this, she has had her contractors frame and wall off the interior hallway between our kitchen and dining room. Whatever.

However, I was genuinely shocked when her contractor installed a mailslot in our kitchen. See, the downstairs doesn’t have a seperate address, so there’s nowhere to send the mail for that guy. So his mail comes with our mail, which is deposited through our exterior mailslot. We then are expected to sort it, and take his stuff into our kitchen and shoot it through his mailslot, which puts it in his hallway. Glad our mail isn’t handled that way, I’m way too paranoid to have checks delivered to random strangers and just hope that they are honest enough to deliver it to us. The new guy is pretty lucky he got Brian and I as upstairs neighbors rather than some crazy person.


Anyway, I’m in the middle of uploading some pictures I took to flickr, if you check out my stream sometimes.

Also, Mt Hood is burning:

Mt Hood on fire
Mt Hood on fire.

Don’t worry, it’s not near the Timberline, although it is threatening another historical hotel. It’s grown to about 800 acres and is called the Gnarl fire. Sparked by lightening, it grew much larger due to the hot (over 100 degrees) weather we’ve had for the past three days.