I decided a glass or two of wine would be nice last night, so I opened a bottle of Monticello rioja that we had. Eventually, I went to a friend’s house, where I had a glass or two of boxed wine.

Boxed wine has come a long long way since the days of the scene from Grumpy Old Men (or was it Grumpier Old Men? I get the two confused). I keep a black box of merlot for when I want to have just an occasional glass without finishing a bottle, and while it’s not the best wine I’ve ever had, it’s definitely servicable.

Franzia, on the other hand, is still the same thing it ever was, so this morning instead of getting a ton of stuff done, I am nursing a huge headache and wondering what got into me last night. I know at one point, it involved a great big trampoline. Fun stuff, but ow.

Two days until Gretchen, my niece and nephew come, I can’t wait. Lots to do in prep, and I’m a little nervous about keeping an 8 and 9 year old entertained for three weeks, but Gretchen assures me that the Wii will keep them amused during our slow times and that we will go buy Legos!!! to keep at the house. I can’t wait.

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