Lime Rodeo

We got up early to go to the PSU farmers’ market. We wanted to have some good fruit and veggies on hand for when Carrrie arrives tonight.

Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread was there and sold me a loaf of Powerseed. I had promised Dean to get a picture of Dave but it was pretty busy at that point and I got too oddly shy to ask him if he’d pose for a picture, so the above blurry shot was all that I got.

Some people are awed when they see a rock star; I’m apparently awed when I see my farmer (Richard from Harmony Valley), my cheesemaker (Farmer John!) or my baker (Dave’s Killer Bread). Yeah, I’m a little dorky, I guess. I’d rather be happy about stuff like that than not notice anything so there.

If you haven’t read Dave and his family’s story, you should, it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t tried the bread yet, poor soul, you should, it’s awesome. And if you don’t live in Portland, Oregon, maybe you should come visit me so that you can try some.

We also swung by the grocery store to grab some non-IPA beer for Carrie – we went with Bridgeport’s Stumptown Tart which is a Belgium that is brewed with Marionberries and fermented in Pinot Noir casks. O lord. Super yumminess. Also some limes so we can make mojitos (our mint plant is already tall enough for many drinks) and gin and tonic.

Hopefully I will get a few good shots while Carrie is here; I’ll post them on my flickr account!

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