Coast and Seattle, take 2

It’s been a busy week! Tim has been visiting from Milwaukee. He’s been enjoying the lack of snow here and the warm temperatures, and has been surprised at the number of people who think it’s very cold right now.

We’ve mostly been wandering Portland to show him the stuff that he missed in October, but we made it to the coast where we stayed at Inn at Spanish Head. We wandered down to Rogue Brewery for dinner (I was good and bad – I got a great salad, and then ruined the good food karma by ordering onion rings and beer).

In the morning, we got up and went to Seal Rock to go tidepooling. We missed most of the low tide because the hotel alarm didn’t go off but we got to see a pair of golden eagles, some starfish (which Tim had never seen in the wild) and some anemone.

Got in the car and wandered up the coastline to Cannon Beach – looked at Haystack Rock and decided to continue on to Astoria. We found the house where Mikey lived in the Goonies. His character would have had a beautiful view of the Columbia River.

Brian wanted to find a place close to the water to take some pictures, so I drove down the hill and off in the distance, I noticed another Rogue Public House. Rogue is some of Tim’s favorite beer so the first trip he made out here, he was really excited to go the brewery. We went down to Astoria’s Rogue and discovered they are entirely over water. To get to them, you have to drive over a wooden pier (scary for me!). Brian and Tim decided we were going to go in for a beer. The bartender there was *awesome*. They were out of Juniper Pale Ale, so I got the I2PA, which was their overproof pale ale. Super yummy – I only had the one as I was the driver. The bartender kept bring more tastes of their other stuff, so Brian and Tim wanted to stay to have more pints. We had a really good time, and joined the Rogue Nation so that we can get free pints on our birthdays.

None of us wanted to eat there (their food is quite good, but we had eaten their the night before) so we drove back to Cannon Beach for some Mo’s. The drive back to Portland on Hwy 26 was interesting as both Brian and Tim were slightly drunk, there was a good amount of snow in the mountains (on the side of the road thankfully) and we saw 3 elk close up. Eep! Also a few deer, but those were far enough away that there was less worry about that.

Yesterday, we went to Seattle with Tim, who needed to meet with his school and to find him a neighborhood that he would want to live. It was really fun, while Tim was at the school, Brian and I checked out the Seattle Aquarium. It’s small but it is really good – I’d much rather see something that focused but very good. I got to touch a sea cucumber, and pet a chiton. Neat-o!

We are thinking Tim should live in Ballard – it was funky, had lots to do, and seemed to have enough students wandering around that there’s a hope it can be done. If anyone has other suggestions, send ’em my way and I’ll pass them onto Tim. Or if you know of someone in Seattle who is looking for a roommate, same thing :)

So, I’ve been quiet because when we have been done with all this stuff, I just drop asleep into bed, only to wake up and do something like it again. I’ll post pictures to flickr as I get a second to do so!