Last night; and a random story

Mural in Newport

Mural in Newport

Last night Katie and I explored Multnomah Village, which was cute. I think it has a slightly more focused demographic than then neighborhood we live in now.

There were cute little shops, which were mostly closed by the time we were done with the poetry reading at Annie Blooms. The poet was Peg (I feel bad but I can’t remember her last name right now). She had a wonderful way of talking about longing that really resonated with me. She talked about an island in Maine the way I’ve been talking about Oregon for years, so it really was interesting to listen to her read it outloud. Katie said that she is Quaker, and a lovely woman (she is a friend of Katie’s). Quite a wonderful time.

I can’t quite remember why this story is in my head again, but one time after we had bought the investment property, a friend of mine wanted to rent from us if she could find a roommate. After trying her friends, she put an ad on the campus bulletin board.

She’d come show the apartment, and while she was doing that, both of us would determine if the potential roommate would work or not.

The one that stuck with me is a young chubby man from Russia who seemed… a little off when we met him. He was very demanding in strange ways.

For instance, he turned to Brian and I saying “You ARE going to replace all the windows.” as if that were a reasonable thing for any landlord to do. Brian and I were genuinely startled, and Brian struggled to keep a straight face as he explained that no, these were the windows that came with the place.

The oddest thing he did was tell my friend Laurie that because one of the bedrooms was much larger than the other, they would have to determine it by sex.

We never figured out if he was trying to suggest that because he was a man, obviously he should get the largest room, or if the person who had the most sex should have the largest room, or (and I think this may have been what killed any hope for him with Laurie) if he was suggesting that they should have sex for the room.


So now that I am renting again, I am looking at things in this house that should get done and using the Russian windows as a gauge of whether or not my demand is reasonable to talk to my landlady about it.