Sea glass

I want to age like sea glass. 
Smoothed by tides, 
but not broken. 
I want my hard edges to soften. 
I want to ride the waves 
and go with the flow. 
I want to catch a wave 
and let it carry me 
to where I belong. 
I want to be picked up 
and held gently by 
those who delight in my 
well earned patina and 
appreciate the changes I went 
through to achieve that beauty. 
I want to enjoy the journey 
and always remember that if 
you give the ocean something 
breakable it will turn it into 
something beautiful. 
I want to age like sea glass.

~ Bernadette Noll

Dr Evermor has left on Forevertron

Dr. Evermor left in Forevertron yesterday.

He was a Wisconsin artist who worked in scrap, both enormous 300 ton sculptures, including a giant bird orchestra, to small (an army of one foot robots). He was one of the masterminds behind House on the Rock, and I will miss him. No word on what will happen to his sculpture garden (it is on rented ground).

His daughter says, “He is busy now in other dimensions. He is not resting.”

Hidden courtyards

I have walked by this apartment building for over a decade and never realized it had a beautiful hidden courtyard.

In other news, I am debating what I want to do with this site. Modify it into being for photos mainly? Take it down? Leave as-is? Not sure yet.

Random photo from Bilbao

Here’s a random photo from Bilbao. Brian and I flew to Spain this spring to visit our niece Bailey, and to visit my friend Marta. Love a few of the photos from Bilbao, I really should do a longer post on that.

This is Bailey and me, as well as La Salve bridge, reflected in the tulips outside of Guggenheim-Bilbao.

Tulips outside of Bilbao Guggenheim